How to make the SNMP agent accessible over the network

You problem

You have a running UCD SNMP Daemon. You can access its variables via

# snmpwalk localhost public
But you cannot do this from another computer in your network, so from . (Your network might be


Find the right place for the configuration file for your snmpd. This could be /etc/snmpd.conf (e.g. SuSE 8.1) or /etc/ucdsnmpd.conf (e.g. SuSE 8.2). If unsure have a look at you start script in /etc/init.d. The snmpd is given the place of the config file with the option -c.
Allow read only access from your desired computers. The following line in snmpd.conf allows read only access with the password public from all computers in
rocommunity public
Of course you have to restart the snmpd afterwards.

You can test the access from the other computer with snmpwalk:

> snmpwalk public | head
system.sysDescr.0 = Linux Blomberg 2.4.19-4GB #1 Thu Mar 20 15:22:42 UTC 2003 i586
system.sysObjectID.0 = OID: enterprises.ucdavis.ucdSnmpAgent.linux
system.sysUpTime.0 = Timeticks: (49710) 0:08:17.10
system.sysContact.0 = Sysadmin (root@localhost)
system.sysName.0 = Blomberg
system.sysLocation.0 = Server Room
system.sysORLastChange.0 = Timeticks: (1) 0:00:00.01
system.sysORTable.sysOREntry.sysORID.1 = OID: ifMIB
system.sysORTable.sysOREntry.sysORID.2 = OID:
system.sysORTable.sysOREntry.sysORID.3 = OID: tcpMIB